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Don’t Worry It’s Covered

Our ballistic blanket provides a flexible lightweight and portable barrier against bomb fragments and handgun ammunition. Our ballistic bomb blankets can be found on planes, ships, helicopters, trucks and cars. We use Teijin Aramid ballistic and Cordura Fabric in making them, which means our ballistic blankets are as tough as they come. This bomb blanket secures very easily with its 12 web straps.

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Ballistic material: Teijin Aramid
NIJ protection level: IIIA (9mm)
V50 17 grain steel fragment: 500 m/s
Weight (medium size): 9 kg / 19 lbs for NIJ Level IIIA (9mm)
Size: 160cm x 160cm
Inside cover: Sealed waterproof TPU Nylon
Outside cover: 1100 Dtex Cordura Fabric - Flame Retardant - PU Coated
Color: Black