The Most Innovative Soft Armor Ever Built


EnGarde® constantly strives to provide the best protection possible that combines maximum comfort with low weight. The soft armor panels we produce are made from the finest materials on the market combined with the latest advancements in engineering and ergonomics.

We make the lightest weight, most flexible body armor found anywhere without compromising comfort. We currently have five separate lines of protective soft armor designed with our super-lightweight ballistic panels. The cutting-edge engineering used in our products makes them perfect for long periods of wear in hot weather.


The COMFORT™ soft armor panel line offers the most flexible EnGarde® ballistic package. This is the perfect choice for customers who need a highly concealable yet comfortable solution. Although both men and women can wear all our body armor products, the COMFORT™ panel is especially popular with women. Because it is so extremely flexible, the COMFORT™ panel is very easy to conceal, even on women with small frames.

The innovative Dyneema® material used in our COMFORT™ soft body armor panels makes this ballistic panel four times as flexible than our prior NIJ Level II panels. This full-wrap design provides NIJ Level II protection and is tested to the Swedish RPS 1 standard, including 9 x 19 DM11 A1B2, .357 Magnum JSP and 9×19 FEB clean range ammunition.


Our thin and highly durable ULTRA™ panels have been one of our top selling items for many years. The ULTRA™ is made of layer after layer of Dyneema® and state-of-the-art Trauma Reduction Technology. This soft armor panel has been tested rigorously against the industry’s NIJ .04 Level IIIA standard of performance.

EnGarde® successfully had the ULTRA-IIIA panel certified to the ballistic stipulations of German Schutzklasse 1 TR03/2008, including the 0-meter (contact shot) tests. The panel was also tested for stopping a hypodermic needle at 2.5 Joules, according to VPAM KDIW 2004. EnGarde® can offer a 10-year warranty for the ballistic performance of the ULTRA™ series due to its extreme durability.


Our MT-PRO™ panel offers a new type of performance and protection with its stab protection abilities. This is a true multi-threat type of protection while still keeping its high standards of comfort that our customers expect and deserve. Our MT-PRO™ not only meets the rigorous performance standards of NIJ .04 Level IIIA, but we went the extra mile and had the MT-PRO™ tested for stopping bullets from eight distinct types of ammunition. Our MT-PRO™ provides topnotch performance from shots fired close to the edge.

By integrating DSM Dyneema® fabrics with our proven TitanSkin™ technology for preventing stab wounds, we could now develop a panel with both premium ballistic protection as well as stab protection. Our MT-PRO™ is among a very few products that can stop the HOSDB P1 Blade at 15 Joules (<20mm) and a hypodermic needle at 5 Joules, according to VPAM KDIW 2004.


The EnGarde® FLEX-PRO™ series is the lightest weight and most innovative ballistic package in our entire line of soft body armor panels. This is the perfect choice for those who require a highly concealable solution offering the best possible protection. In developing this flexible panel we used Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. What we got is a soft body armor panel meeting NIJ Level IIIA standards while being one of the lightest in the world. The FLEX-PRO™ surpasses the most recent NIJ standards for durability and strength while being lightweight and providing maximum flexibility and comfort. The FLEX-PRO™ combines advanced engineering with uncompromised quality to become our flagship product.