Terms & Conditions of Use

When you buy a product from EnGarde, the purchase itself acts as confirmation that you have reached the age of adulthood (over the age of 18). Certain items for which ownership is illegal for convicted felons or people with a criminal record, by making a purchase of such items you confirm that you do not fall into these categories. We do not condone, knowingly facilitate or promote the sale of any body armor products to minors or felons, which is against federal law in the US.

If you are under the age of 18 or a convicted felon you are required by law to get written permission from your local police department and your employer so that you have proof that you’ve received permission before you can buy body armor. We are happy to assist law enforcement if they need information from us if a law has been broken and we have proof that such a crime was committed.

If law enforcement, for any reason whatsoever, needs information in order to prosecute someone who owns body armor that legally should not (or any other product purchased from EnGarde), we will provide information pertaining to that individual’s purchase in an effort to fully cooperate with such law enforcement officials. The reason we sell body armor and other items is for the protection of the officers that put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and other law-abiding people.

By purchasing items sold by EnGarde, you confirm that you do not intend to use any of these item(s) illegally according to the laws of your state or federal government. We also reserve our right to refuse the sale of any product to any person at any time at our own discretion.

When you make any purchase you are confirming and attesting to the following:

  1. You have reached the legal age to own the item you are purchasing.
  2. You have no criminal background.
  3. You are not in violation of any Federal or State laws by making this purchase.
  4. You are by law in your state allowed to purchase the specified item.
  5. You are not prohibited by law to purchase or own the items selected.
  6. You do not participate in criminal activity or belong to any criminal groups.
  7. You are not legally prevented from owning body armor and/or firearms.

If you are a law abiding upstanding citizen seeking protection for your self and/or your family, there should be no problem fulfilling these requirements. Your desire to own and use body armor should be for lawful purposes only. It is your responsibility as the purchaser, and your responsibility only, to ensure that all transactions you engage in comply with US Federal, State and Local Statutes as well as all Codes and Ordinances.

Connecticut residents are prohibited from purchasing body armor unless the buyer is himself or herself a police officer. Otherwise, they must be a representative of the Military, a Police Department or transact the purchase in-person. Please contact us if you would like to meet face-to-face for the transaction.

If you intend to sell any items purchased from us, you must abide by distribution laws or any other applicable laws regarding the sale or distribution of these products. The laws are very strict when it comes to selling specific products and it your sole responsibility to ensure that you are not violating any laws. If you intend to sell or export any of these products, there are state and/or federal laws that you must comply with. If any of these laws are broken you will be solely held liable. You follow through and do this at your own peril because we are not liable for the consequences of any actions that you take on your own.

When you purchase any body armor product, you know full well that body armor is not bulletproof, but that it is bullet-resistant. NIJ standards are followed and V50 testing is done to help ensure that the bullet is stopped according to the specified level. This in no way means that the armor will prevent 100% of bullets penetrating the armor or that the bullet’s impact will not cause other types of injuries, even when the armor does stop the bullet.

Body armor definitely offers protection, but when you use and/or wear it you need to understand that if a bullet hits you there is always the risk you will be injured, even if your protective vest absorbs the bullet, preventing it from penetrating your body. The type of injuries reported in tests and in the field are broken bones, severe bruising and/or major internal injuries that could in some instances result in loss of life.

If a bullet strikes you, even if you are wearing your body armor vest, you should immediately seek medical attention to ensure that you have no internal injuries. This is whether you physically feel any pain or injury from the impact or not.

EnGarde assumes no liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of any of the products we sell or donate. The carrier itself is warranted for 12 months from the date it was purchased. Please take note that the ballistic panels that go inside your tactical carrier are warranted separately from the carrier itself. You need to read the label on your ballistic panels to see how long they are warranted for.

Statements, images or descriptions are for informational purposes only, and not provided as a warranty of the items in any way. Any use of images and descriptions without our written consent is prohibited. We are not liable for any other warranty, representation or liability related to the condition of or the use of the products sold. We are not legally responsible for replacing or repairing any products that were somehow damaged by misuse or a failure to follow our guidelines. Our liability only extends to repairing or replacing items that have manufacturer defects due to errors and not because of improper use of the items sold.

Purchaser hereby contracts and agrees that they themselves or his/her agents, heirs, and/or assigns shall NEVER bring any legal action against us in any court of law.

Along with any purchase you’ve made from EnGarde, you confirm that you have read and fully understand all our requirements and meet them all. You are also confirming that you fully understand the consequences you will face if you break or do not follow the Terms & Conditions of Use described above.