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Overt Patrol Jacket

Our Puma™ Series offers a load bearing external ballistic jacket ideal for security personnel and law enforcement. This casual appearing jacket comes with side openings for comfort and optimal adjustability. This is a heavy-duty protective vest that comes with an emergency drag handle with a waistband that secures the jacket against the body.

There are five separate pickets designed into the jacket: a zippered pocket, radio pocket, a mini flashlight pocket and two magazine pouches. The vest also comes with a Velcro attachment for a large ID tag (10cm x 30cm) at the back. There is also a hidden Velcro attachment on the front for a small ID tag (5cm x 10cm). The Puma™ can be ordered in special high-visibility colors for certain applications in traffic enforcement and transportation security.


Available ballistic packages:ULTRA™ and MT-PRO™
Carrier materialHeavy Duty Nylon
NIJ protection levelIIIA
Weight (medium size)2.3 kg / 5.1 lbs for NIJ Level IIIA (ULTRA™)
ColorNavy Blue

Available ballistic packages

The thin and durable ULTRA™ panel has been an EnGarde® bestseller and flagship product for years. The ULTRA™ consists of layers of Dyneema® combined with the latest Twaron Trauma Reduction Technology. The ULTRA™ panel has been rigorously tested against the NIJ .04 performance standard.

EnGarde® has successfully certified the ULTRA™ panel to the ballistic requirements of German Schutzklasse 1 TR03/2008, including the 0-meter (contact shot) tests. The panel also has been tested to stop a hypodermic needle at 2.5 Joules, according to VPAM KDIW 2004 protocol. The durability of the ULTRA™ series allows us to provide a ten-year warranty on the ballistic performance of this model.

The MT-PRO™ panel brings a new level of protection and performance by adding stab protection. This panel provides true multi-threat protection while maintaining the high standard of comfort our customers have come to expect. Our MT-PRO™ meets the rigorous standards of NIJ .04 Level IIIA, but we went even further by testing the MT-PRO’s™ bullet stopping capabilities against eight different types of ammunition! The MT-PRO™ supplies excellent performance against close to the edge shots.

By integrating Dyneema® fabrics from DSM with our proven TitanSkin™ anti-stab technology, we were able to develop a panel that provides both superior ballistic performance and stab protection. The MT-PRO™ is one of the few products that stops the HOSDB P1 Blade at 15 Joules (<20mm) and a hypodermic needle at 5 Joules, according to VPAM KDIW 2004.

The FLEX-PRO™ is the lightest and most advanced ballistic package in the EnGarde® line of soft armor panels. It’s an ideal choice for customers looking for an extremely concealable solution with the highest level of protection. For this flexible panel we incorporated Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. The result is a soft armor panel that is one of the world’s lightest NIJ Level IIIA solutions.

The FLEX-PRO™ exceeds the latest NIJ standards for strength and durability while minimizing weight and maximizing flexibility and comfort. Uncompromising quality and advanced engineering is why the FLEX-PRO™ is our flagship product.