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Trusted Rifle Round Protection

Our EnGarde® Patrol™ is a versatile tactical body armor choice for personnel who need increased protection against high velocity rounds. This basic tactical model comes without many extra features included on our premium models but without compromising safety. While the Patrol™ may be a commodity product, rest assured that we made no compromise in the quality or reliability.

The EnGarde® Patrol™ has two convenient external pockets, which accommodate removable hard armor plates. The hard armor inserts provide maximum protection against rifle fire and improved blunt trauma protection. The plates also protect the user’s ability to stay in the fight after taking a hit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to government regulations we are not allowed to sell and ship NIJ Level IV ICW hard armor panels together with ballistic vests. These products need to be ordered separately (two payments) at our website and will always be shipped separately.


Available ballistic packages MT-PRO™ and FLEX-PRO™
Carrier material Heavy duty Cordura®
NIJ protection level IIIA
Weight (medium size) 1.9 kg / 4.2 lbs for NIJ Level IIIA (FLEX-PRO™)
Color Navy blue

Available ballistic packages

The MT-PRO™ panel brings a new level of protection and performance by adding stab protection. This panel provides true multi-threat protection while maintaining the high standard of comfort our customers have come to expect. Our MT-PRO™ meets the rigorous standards of NIJ .04 Level IIIA, but we went even further by testing the MT-PRO’s™ bullet stopping capabilities against eight different types of ammunition! The MT-PRO™ supplies excellent performance against close to the edge shots.

By integrating Dyneema® fabrics from DSM with our proven TitanSkin™ anti-stab technology, we were able to develop a panel that provides both superior ballistic performance and stab protection. The MT-PRO™ is one of the few products that stops the HOSDB P1 Blade at 15 Joules (<20mm) and a hypodermic needle at 5 Joules, according to VPAM KDIW 2004.


The FLEX-PRO™ is the lightest and most advanced ballistic package in the EnGarde® line of soft armor panels. It’s an ideal choice for customers looking for an extremely concealable solution with the highest level of protection. For this flexible panel we incorporated Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. The result is a soft armor panel that is one of the world’s lightest NIJ Level IIIA solutions.

The FLEX-PRO™ exceeds the latest NIJ standards for strength and durability while minimizing weight and maximizing flexibility and comfort. Uncompromising quality and advanced engineering is why the FLEX-PRO™ is our flagship product.